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I love digital marketing

Digital marketing is my jam. For years, I've helped all kinds of businesses be their best selves online.
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Are you looking for someone who...
  • Develops content like it's their calling?
  • Creates marketing assets like their life depended on it?
  • Practices SEO that humans look forward to reading?
  • Crafts killer copy like there's no tomorrow?
  • Is bilingual and has highly diverse experience?
Then look no further because those describe me to a T. But I'm much more than five checkmarks. Send me your info to see my Resume and discover how much value I can bring to your organization.

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I'm an expectation-exceeding perfectionist who's superb at content marketing and taking charge.

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Hablo Español

My expert/native knowledge of Spanish will help you attract more people in their preferred language.

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I'm easy to reach, though email is the best method. If I'm employed full-time, I'd still love to help you. I'm a great freelancer!

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